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When I write

When I write a story it feels a bit like catching dreams with the BFG. I sometimes catch a golden phizzwizard, but it could also be a whoppsy grobswitcher! I don’t have a net, but I do have to catch them when they float into my head.

Other days

It happens like that on the magical days anyway. On the other days I only catch the tail, or merest sniff, of the idea. Then I have to sweat it out in my study, with a word document set to Arial font, or maybe some A2 and my best felt tips.

Magical places and feisty heroines

I have wanted to write for children for years. When I was a kid I used to write poems and little songs about saving the world. I’ve always loved and read children’s books. Every holiday my case is packed with a pile of picture books and a new selection of exciting middle grade and YA.

When I was working (in the library supposedly writing my PhD) I would end up writing stories about magical places and feisty heroines. When I finally got the doctorate done I started to write for children more and developed a love of writing picture books. I’ve got some Middle Grade stories on the go, but I’m not showing them anyone until they’re ready.

Some prizes

Since I started sending out my writing I’ve won a number of prizes with my picture book manuscripts…

Greenhouse Funny Prize Runner Up

Margaret Carey Scholarship Honorary Mention

Winchester Writers Festival Highly Commended

Mr Mustachio

Mr M is my first picture book. He’s adorable.

And that cute little Panda

After Mr M, along came Panda with a mission to make reading practice magical for children in Reception.

If you have kids in Reception, pop over and sign up. They will absolutely love it.

Who wouldn’t want a cute friendly Panda sending you post?


200 baby Christmas trees

I live near Cambridge in England and own a woodland there. There are two thousand trees growing in it and we try to look after them all. We’re also growing 200 baby Christmas trees. That will keep us going for a lot of Christmases, and then we’ll plant some more. I’ve got 2 boys and we have a fab time tracking deer and badger footprints in the wood. Bear Grylls would be proud.