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Post From Panda – magical reading practice for Reception

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year and we’re still not done yet!

I’ve launched Post From Panda – magical reading practice for children in reception. A real letter is delivered every week via Royal Mail.

Where did Panda Post come from?

When my 2 boys learned to read it was such a special time. It was like, my baby’s growing up. It’s such a massive life step. And I wanted my role in it to be the best it could be.

I realised quickly that school worked them really hard on the phonics. All that learning they were working SO hard at day in day out. Monday through to Friday.

At home I realised that they needed a serious dose of magic. A moment where the hard work paid off. And that does of magic would keep them going, keep them trying, keep them working on those tricky words and split diagraphs!

Reading practice needed to be something they wanted to do.

Reading practice could be something that they asked to do, not me asking them.

So as a children’s author I started playing with writing reading books, just for them. They loved them and we really enjoyed playing this game with them.

And then I had a moment when I realised the power of a letter could be mixed with reading practice and Post From Panda was born.

I literally, ran upstairs and made up a story letter from panda, got an envelope, drew the best panda I could on it, and posted it to my youngest.

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